Haliboo MusicFest - Bowie Lives

Volunteering for Haliboo MusicFest & Soap Hockey

Hello ambassador of the Haliburton Highlands. Enjoy meeting new people and being a part of a team? Get in on the action and join us for something completely different.

It is no secret that the success of staging an event like Haliboo MusicFest and World Soap Hockey relies heavily on the support and efforts of an incredible team of volunteers!


For our Volunteer Team, we provide:

• Exclusive event Volunteer shirt. You can’t buy these!
• A THANK YOU “Swag Bag” from our sponsors and the CNPHC Events team.
• Complimentary meals and beverages during your shift(s)
• Training and support.
• Entry to all events/musical performance
• A Volunteer appreciation party (later date).

CNPHC – Events in the Community

In addition to Haliboo and World Soap Hockey, CNPHC – Events also produces and manages the Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships and Big Fish Derby Haliburton Highlands.

Being part of a community means doing your part for the community. In addition to bringing tourists to town and supporting jobs in our local businesses, we are happy to support the Central Food Network and Heat Bank Haliburton County.

Why supporting Heat Bank and Central Food Network matters

Together, Central Food Network and Heat Bank Haliburton County provide emergency food, heat (wood, fuel, propane) and other services to hundreds of Haliburton County households each year. They also help people break the cycle of poverty by provide workshops, assistance in applying for Hydro rebates and other programs that give people options they often did not know they have.

How are we doing this?

• 100% of our event silent auction proceeds
• A portion of each ticket sale is donated to our charitable partners

Apply to be a Volunteer